The time it takes to produce each jewel varies.  Please find the approximate time listed in the product description.
♦ Ready to Ship jewels ship within three days.
♦ Made to Order jewels need time.  Expect 2 weeks.  Some Made to Order jewels are kept in stock more regularly then others.  If your size or item happens to be in stock, it will be shipped out quicker, and you will be notified.

An e-mail with shipping confirmation and tracking number will be sent to you once your item has been shipped.  
Buyers are responsible for any import tax/ VAT and customs.  Packages shipped through Canada Post unless otherwise arranged.  Please contact me for additional shipping upgrades or preferred methods.  Shipping times may vary, for US and CANADA expect 7-10 days.  Anywhere else expect 2-4 weeks (this is also dependant on your Country's current situation.) 

Understandably, there are current disruptions in the transport industry and this effects shipping and supply chains worldwide.  Please note this shop functions and ships out of Toronto, Canada.  Check with your country for any mail disruptions.  You can Contact Me if you are unsure.

I accept returns and exchanges within 5 days of delivery.  Return shipping is buyer’s expense.  Returns do not include size issues or incorrect sizing on the buyer’s behalf. Returns do not include breakage due to reckless handling.  If there is a technical malfunction (solder) I will gladly fix the wear.  Please contact me with any problems!  

Some of my items are hand hammered - each stroke unique.  Some of my items Made-to Order - each made uniquely for you.  The nature handmade means that there must be allowance for slight variances from the image shown on this website.  Your item will be unique to you.  

All jewels are high quality artisan crafted with fine precious metals.  The investment in quality jewellery is ever-lasting and multi-fold.  
♦ Your skin will thank you.  925 silver lasts. 10k, 14k, 24k Gold lasts.  I AM NOT RECOMMENDING THIS - but I wear my jewellery in the shower and it stays beautiful and doesn’t turn my skin green - that’s what I’m F’ing talking about. (Unless you are in the unfortunate but low percentage of people who react to high quality gold and silver) your investment in quality jewellery means it does not 1)Break easily or 2) Irritate or change your skin colour over time.
♦ Your future self will thank you.  Precious metals have a 5000 year track record when it comes to holding value and acting as a store of wealth.  Precious metal jewellery is not fast fashion jewellery - it withstands both the test of time and inflation.

**Anything that I have not addressed here please e-mail me I am human and like human conversation. 

 - Kendra



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